AIJIE has always operated a strict ethical policy and a belief in fairly traded methods with the people and countries of manufacture; we have always refused to trade with any factory which cannot prove that it operates to these standards. Building our own factory gave us the opportunity surpasses even our own high standard. We have been able to provide spacious, light and air-conditioned working areas as well as comfortable living conditions for the staff including dormitories and shower rooms, and a well equipped kitchen and eating area with television.

We have found that by treating our staff well, paying good salaries and offering bonus schemes we are rewarded by commitment, loyalty and high quality workmanship.

Design: AIJIE-DESIGN has the facilities within their factory to design and create soft toys and associated products to any specification. We can work from two dimensional drawings or proto-type samples to make virtually anything of as soft toys. Because of the way we have set up our manufacturing facility we can produce exclusive items in relatively small quantities giving our customers a lot more flexibility with the use of their budgets.

 We have also developed the facility to be able to personalize any of the items we manufacture, again with low production quantities. We very often adapt items from our general range of animals for exclusive use and can put company or advertising brands on them in a variety of ways. Of course we can make a variety of different styles of clothing for most items and either embroider or transfer designs on to them.